7 Things About Football Star Kylian Mbappe That Will Impress You

3. Mbappe loves wearing sneakers

When he receives a pair of sneakers, Mbappé has said that he feels like a “child with a new toy.” The Nike Air Maxes were his first pair. Even though he kept them immaculately clean, they would get soiled when he entered the football field to play.

According to an interview he gave to Hypebeast in March, when he was younger, he would beg his mother for the shoes he wanted. He frequently had to nag his mother for the brand and model of sneakers he desired because they were so expensive.

His first pair of football footwear were Nike Vapors. He claimed that some teammates would even seek to borrow them so they could wear them for the first half of the game because they were so much desired. He said no.

Even Nike’s website has a dedicated section called “BOUTIQUE DE MBAPPÉ.” There is the footwear preference of the celebrity. For instance, a Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite FG costs 370 euros.

But there are several Nike boutiques in Paris to choose from if you’re set on dressing like Mbappé. The Forum des Halles and the Champs Élysées are two of the principal locations.