Chipotles Hours, Menu & Prices Review

Chiptole is one of the fastest-growing restaurants that has around 2500 restaurants distributed around the United States. It is well known for the high-quality services it provides. We will be looking at the operating hours of Chipotle and some of the menu items and prices that they offer to their clients.

What are the closing and opening hours of Chipotles 2022?

Chipotle runs from 10:45 am to 10 pm

The closing hours extend to 11:00 pm in some stores depending on the flow of customers. It is important to note that not all branches open during weekends. The Closing time may differ depending on the flow of customers.

Is the Restaurant open during the Holidays?

It is operational during these holidays

  1. New years eve
  2. Veterans day
  3. Halloween
  4. Labour Day
  5. Black Friday
  6. Easter Monday
  7. Good Friday
  8. Tax day
  9. Valentines day
  10. Martin Luther day
  11. Independence day
  12. Columbus day
  13. Mothers day
  14. Presidents day
  15. Memorial day
  16. St.Patrick’s day
  17. Fathers day
  18. Mothers day
  19. Cyber Monday
  20. Cinco de mayo

The restaurant doesn’t open on the following days.

  1. 4th July (independence day)
  2. Christmas Day
  3. Thanksgiving Day
  4. Easter Sunday


Chipotle provides delicious burrito meals, tacos, and salads that are fresh with no preservatives.

Its founder Steve Ells, started this journey in 1993 in Denver. After graduating from Culinary Institute of America, he was employed as a cook in Jeremiah Towers in San Francisco.

It was during his employment that the idea of running a fast-food came to his mind. He took a loan from his father to start the business. You will find other chipotle stores in Germany, the united kingdom, France and Canada.

The name Chipotle Originated from the name of a dried and smoked Japleno chili pepper.

Over the years, the store has improved its digital services by launching a program that has assisted in speeding up pick-up orders. It started offering delivery services and added a second line to cater to online purchases.

Chipotle Menu Options & Prices

Does Chipotle serve breakfast?

It is only in Dulles International Airport, where breakfast gets served. The breakfast includes a cheese breakfast burrito and one with chorizo and an egg. However, Other branches do not serve breakfast.

Does Chipotle do deliveries?

Yes, it does. You will need to order for delivery online. After placing your order, You will receive a confirmation message about your order.

Can you order your meal before arriving at the restaurant?

Yes, you can. With the new digital trend, you can make an order through the App and make a payment.

When Does Chipotle Offers & Discounts?

Every time you order online, you can earn yourself points. You get 10 points for every $1 spent. Once your points accumulate to 1250, then you will be awarded a free Chipotle Mexican Grill. These points are only valid for 60 days.

Are there special meals for kids?

Yes. Bottled drinks, soda, salsa, and chips.

Why is Chipotle sofritas currently not on the menu?

This particular dish needs organic tofu for its preparation. Chipotle has not been able to get enough supply.

Does Chipotle offer “carne asada?”

Yes, It does. Carne asada is one of the latest addition to chipotle

Which kind of burritos does Chipotle serve?

  • Burrito barbacoa – Barbacoa is a simple spicy beef cooked in chipotle adobo, cumin, garlic, and oregano.
  • Burrito stake – Its simple recipe includes Pico de Gallo, sour cream, marinated grilled steak, beans, and cilantro-lime rice.
  • Burrito carnitas – This delicacy consists of cooked pork carnitas, romaine lettuce, Avocado, sour cream, well-chopped cilantro, and some lime juice.
  • Burrito chicken: – Burrito chicken Ingredients are smoked pulled chicken, sour cream, pico de galo, white rice, avocado, and pinto beans.
  • Burrito sofritas – Sofritas is a unique burrito. Chipotle cooks using organic ingredients. It is a combination of roasted poblanos, aromatic spices, and chopped tofu cooked in chipotle chilies.
  • Burrito vegetarian – It is a perfect meal for vegetarians with its combination of spicy sauce, black beans, cilantro-lime rice, avocado, and pico de galo.

Are the burrito coins still used for payments in 2022?

Yes, the coins are valid. One disadvantage of using the coins is that they are only equivalent to one free burrito meal that costs 10 dollars.

Here is a list of Chipotle’s specialties and their prices

  1. Burrito (Barbacoa) – $7.50
  2. Burrito (Carnitas ) – $6.95
  3. Burrito (Chicken) – $6.50
  4. Burrito (steak) – $7.50
  5. Burrito (vegetarian) – $6.50
  6. Bowl (Steak) – $7.50
  7. Bowl (chicken) – $6.50
  8. Bowl (Carnitas) – $6.95

Please use the above pricing as average. They might change from location to location

Chipotle serves Tacos differently. The number of Taco pieces determines the price

Are the burrito coins still used for payments?

Yes, the coins are valid. One disadvantage of using the coins is that they are only equivalent to one free burrito meal that costs 10 dollars.

Chipotle Videos

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Here are interesting facts about Chipotle

One of the reasons why the restaurant has gained its popularity is because the store is a “crowd-pleaser” It can accommodate up to 20 people in a group.  Another reason is that most of their customers love their Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, and Barbacoa.

The Restaurant has a small menu compared to its popularity. It works very well for them. Chipotle staff can prepare their unique quesarito dish when the store is not very busy.

Chipotle works directly with singer Jason Muraz who owns his farm. Jason mainly farms Avocados in California. The farm can satisfy the restaurant with high-quality Avocados for guacamole preparations.

Chipotle offers free meals during the Halloween holidays to customers who walk in wearing Halloween costumes. Customers get meals worth $4.

Chipotle uses more than 97000 pounds of avocado every day. Famous people like celebrities get cards that allow them to receive free meals for a whole year. Chipotle uses the initial design they had when starting their first restaurant.

It is the same design that customers experience in every branch they visit. None of the Chipotle restaurants have microwaves, freezers, or can openers.

Chiptole offers sour cream, salsa, rice, beans, lettuce, and cheese for free when buying Burrito.

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