Work In Canada Guide: Learn What You Need To Do To Apply & Move to Canada

There are a lot of people who are interested in moving to Canada to work there and earn a decent living for themselves and support their loved ones back at home in . In this article we will be answering a number of issues that you will need to resolve before you can be accepted to work in Canada.

Some of the topics or questions we will cover will include

  • Eligibility to work in Canada
  • How to get a work permit to work in Canada
  • How to apply for a work permit if you’ve already recieved a job offer in Canada
  • What you can/cannot do with your work permit to Canada
  • Is it possible to list your family in your work permit application
  • Police clearance and medical examination issues
  • How long it will take to process your work permit
  • Fees involved in processing your application

A work permit is a legal document that enables a foreign national to work while present in Canada. About 500,000 temporary foreign workers receive work permits from Canada each year from all over the world. For many foreign nationals looking for career possibilities, Canada is a top choice. For individuals looking to move permanently to Canada, working here is a fantastic first step.

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