9 Habits That Are Destroying Your Hair

We all try our best to take good care of our hair. But let’s face it, we all have our moments of laziness. The issue is that bad hair care habits may be developed out of pure laziness dangerously quickly.

It’s the reason we sometimes forget to remove our makeup before night or why we leave dirty dishes in the sink for far too long. Hey, we all understand being busy! There will always be instances when you simply don’t feel like carrying out the tasks you have been given.

Being slack occasionally is totally fine, even when it comes to your hair. While being careless with your natural hair’s styling is acceptable, it is not acceptable to neglect proper hair maintenance. You don’t have to be the person who shampoos twice as recommended on the bottles or makes their own deep conditioner masks at home, but you should at least give up the poor habits that are harming your hair.

9 of the most popular terrible hair habits are listed here. Changing your behavior alone will make your natural hair happier and healthier over time. Your coils and curls will appreciate it, we guarantee it.

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