9 Controversial Things Lebron James Did That Made The Headlines

4. Lebron Almost Caused NIKE To Discard Lakers Jerseys Worth 10s of Millions of Dollars

Lebron James was so thrilled when the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Anthony Davis that he took Davis out to dinner and gave him a gift. You may remember that Anthony Davis wore jersey number 23 at when he played for both Kentucky and with the New Orleans Pelicans. As a welcome gift to Anthony, Lebron decided to give the number 23 to Davis.

Lebron first gave Davis a card he said was from his wife, welcoming him to Los Angeles but the card was signed “LeBron James #6.” The Lebron then proceeded to remove from a bag a gold Lakers jersey with the number 23 and the name Davis stitched on it and gave it to Antony. Davis was pleasantly suprised with the gift.

The problem with this is that Lebron didnt realise that he had missed the cutoff for formally requesting a jersey change and when Nike learnt of Lebron’s desire to give the number to Davis, they called him and told him they would lose “tens of millions of dollars in possibly wasted inventory of James number 23 apparel” that had already been made, ready for sale.

Davis went on to play with jersey number 3, his high school number. Nevertheless, he appreciated Lebron’s thoughtful gesture.

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