9 Controversial Things Lebron James Did That Made The Headlines

2. Lebron Said He Drinks Wine Every Night

LeBron James claimed that he regularly consumes wine and that he believes it is good for his heart. The NBA legend admitted to ESPN that he often consumes wine and still manages to play the finest basketball of his career. He does this for his heart’s sake.

“I’ve heard it’s good for the heart,” James said. “Listen, I’m playing the best basketball of my life, and I’m drinking some wine pretty much every day. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.”

It’s a widespread misconception about health that may hold some grains of truth, but doctors warn it’s not quite that straightforward, and excessive wine consumption can be harmful.

Despite the fact that wine is a staple in some of the healthiest communities in the world, evidence indicates that daily alcohol consumption can be harmful, delaying the healing of injuries and impairing sports performance.

When questioned about his passion for wine, James claimed that during the past years, sipping wine every day had helped him play his best basketball. Since turning 30 in 2015, he has appeared in every All-Star game, and throughout that period, his minutes played per game, points per game, rebounds per game, and assists per game have all increased.