9 Controversial Things Lebron James Did That Made The Headlines

Lebron James need no introduction to the basketball world. LeBron James plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. James first came to the attention of the country as the best high school basketball player in the nation. He was able to win the NBA MVP award four times thanks to his special mix of size, athleticism, and court vision.

James returned to Cleveland and assisted the team in winning its first championship in 2016 after guiding the Miami Heat to championships in 2012 and 2013.

He goes by the nickname “King James” and is frequently likened to Michael Jordan in discussions about the best basketball player of all time. James has won two Olympic gold medals, three All-Star MVP awards, four NBA MVP awards, four NBA Finals MVP awards, and four NBA MVP honors.

James has the most career points (including playoffs and regular seasons), the second-most regular season points, the seventh-most career assists, and the most career points overall.

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