For-profit colleges and universities have come under widespread criticism in recent years for ripping off students and taxpayers alike. Dishonest recruiting practices, high tuition costs, low quality, high dropout rates and failure to deliver (or accurately report) on promised outcomes are hurting working people struggling to improve their lives and support their families.

 For-profit education companies receive a disproportionate amount of all federal financial aid dollars while offering degrees that can cost 20% more than a similar degree at a public college. In the last year, over half of the students enrolled in for-profit colleges dropped out within about four months, without any degree or certificate. At the same time, a staggering 1 in 5 students from for-profit colleges default on their loans within three years of entering repayment.

 As the largest and fastest growing union including over 90,000 people who work in higher education, SEIU members are committed to holding for-profit schools accountable for poor outcomes that have come at an exorbitant cost to students and the taxpayers who fund their operations through millions of dollars in federal aid.


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